Top-5 Benefits of Getting a New Wallet in 2020


The world is changing everyday and the functionality trends too. Many things became different since we started this century and it's important to keep in-the-movement with these updates to make your life just easier and better in multiple aspects. If you want to be in the game this 2020 with a game-changer wallet you need to have the necessary gadgets to improve your lifestyle.


One of the essential accessories that we always take with us on our daily basis is THE WALLET: A must-have accessory created in the 1600s that today, is used by more than 80% of men in the entire world.

Do you know that it was uncivilized to carry your wallet in your pocket? Crazy, huh?

Wallets are essential in that they help carry some of your vital documents and also money. It gives people the chance of retrieving cash, credit cards, identification cards, and other small crucial things. They come in different types and sizes and right now, you can find a ton of options in the market that will adapt to your requirements. BUT... you should, therefore, be careful and REALLY SELECTIVE when purchasing one.

Here at xxxx. we're going to tell you five benefits of getting a high-end one:


Leather wallets are definitely not the strongest type of material. The average American men change their wallet at least TWICE A YEAR. For this 2020, you need to get one made of tough materials like Carbon Fiber and Polycarbonate, that way you'll assure more durability and longer lifetime value. For example, The Shype Wallet is made with the strongest quality and guarantees protection to your essentials.


We know this happened to you at least once in your life: Your leather wallet literally touched the water and it got stinky and shapeless. The 2020 trend is to get a tough one that you can carry wherever you go without the stress of having it at the beach or the pool. This is a very important benefit that provides a modern wallet. We've been working in the past 2 years to provide The Shype Wallet this amazing feature to make our customers life easier.

3. SLIM:

Leather wallets can be really thick. They can get bulky easily, especially when there are layers of leather which are stacked together as separate credit card slots. For example, The Shype Wallet has only 1 inch of thickness, and it won't deform when you carry your cards on it but to its unique slot system.


RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. Basically this system uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. In United States, 15 million of people were identity and credit card information theft victims due to this system in 2019. The 2020 wallets, like The Shype Wallet have RFID Blocking Technology to avoid this awful experience, leather wallets don't.


Come on! If you are reading this is because you know that leather wallets are a thing from the past. Give yourself a high-end wallet to stop being average and get advantage of all the functionalities and benefits it has. Also, you'll be on the 2020 trend for sure.